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we're in your 'verse, rewriting your dudes.

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Name:Rearview Mirror
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:What might have been; reimagining characters and events in the Supernatural universe.
Welcome to Rearview Mirror, a Dreamwidth community for revisionist and/or speculative works in the Supernatural fandom.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you've got a favorite character you want to bring back from the dead, a relationship you'd like to repair, or maybe a major plot point you'd like to change, then post it here! Fiction, art, fanmixes, fanvids, poetry, you name it. Supernatural is chock full of characters that never got enough development or screen time, and here at RVM, we aim to fix that as only fandom can. No character is too canon-insignificant to get a make-over; this is a sandbox full of what-ifs, maybes and maybe-nots. In short, anything goes.

Well, ok, almost anything. RVM is a harbor for all 'ships and actively encourages gen fic as well. As the focus of the community is on mucking up show canon, however, RPF doesn't really apply outside of crossovers. (Unless you come up with a very creative justification. Just saying.) Please summarize and rate the content of your posts, and be sensible when it comes to warnings (spoilers, triggers, squicks, etc). Your fellow fans will thank you.

One last caveat: this is not a place for drama, so play nice or get your ass smote. Have a nice day!

Community layout by [personal profile] arobynsung.

**If you'd be interested in co-modding this dog and pony show, being our affiliate, or designing graphics/layouts for the community, please drop me a line:
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